Vlogger Discusses Fremont Street Performer Fraud

by Brandon Summers | April 17, 2022

Steven Campbell of Not Leaving Las Vegas discusses [proposed] new rules for Fremont Street performers. The City of Las Vegas wants to crackdown on fraud by requiring performers to have photo ID. Tumbling/acrobatic acts would be required to obtain liability insurance.

“Nearly seven years of legislative and legal peace surrounding downtown Fremont Street’s… the city is proposing amended rules on street performances for only the second time in a decade, seeking to address exploitation of the system and other issues in the often eccentric and provocative trade within the famed pedestrian mall.” – Las Vegas Review Journal

Video by Not Leaving Las Vegas (YouTube) (2022)

Steven has covered street performer issues in the past with his mini-doc on guitarist/singer William the busker.

Video by Not Leaving Las Vegas (YouTube) (2021)

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