LVMPD settles with violinist Brandon Summers

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department settles with violinist/street performer Brandon Summers. In 2018, Summers was wrongfully arrested on The Strip and had his cellphone and violin impounded as evidence.

Back On The Boulevard

After taking more than a year off from busking on the Strip, I made a cameo appearance on a windy, but beautiful Sunday morning.

Fake Violinist Scams Vegas Vlogger

Vlogger Steven Campbell (Not Leaving Las Vegas), was taken advantage of on November 11, 2021 by a scammer doing his best impersonation of a skilled violinist.

Wandering In The Dark: Three Years Later

Three years have gone by since being wrongfully arrested by Las Vegas police (again). The events following my arrest were actually worse than the incident itself; and the absence of “justice” in the pursuit of “justice” has given me much to think about. Here are my reflections three years later.

Great Night Busking Last Week!

Last week was my first time street performing on the Las Vegas Strip in more than a year.

This night felt like busking in 2012. It was free and energetic. And thankfully, buskers were left unmolested by police.

The Judge Jansen Ruling

Street performers who fight their “obstruction of sidewalk” cases rarely have their day in court. However, street performer Gerald Lechner had his case come before Justice of the Peace Tempore William Jansen in September 2017 and it was found that the State did not provide the evidence necessary for a conviction.

Performers Not Welcome

After receiving my sixth criminal citation for street performing, the reality that Las Vegas hates street performers became clearer than ever.

Case # 1315505X

Criminal (Pt. 3) – Court

The police can be mean, the jails can be cruel, and the court system can be extremely unjust and unfair. If you have money and representation, you’ll be alright. If you don’t, there’s a good chance you are screwed.


Criminal (Pt. 2) – Jail & Bail

I was on a cement floor, the lights were always on, and it was probably 65 degrees in that room. It was dull and miserable. I’m just glad that I didn’t have to take a shit.

LVMPD Ticket

Criminal (Pt. 1) – Arrested

As Officer Smith #9643 escorted me to his patrol car he made the following remark: “That’s what you fucking get for recording!”