Police Complaints

by Brandon Summers | May 26, 2019

If you feel like an officer’s conduct was improper, you can file a complaint against that officer. You have a few ways to do it.

1. File a complaint with the Internal Affairs Bureau via phone, in-person, or online.
2. File a complaint with the Citizen Review Board online.
3. File a complaint with the Citizen Review Board after Internal Affairs ignores, dismisses, or finds no issue with an officer’s conduct.

Here’s the ACLUNV’s guide on filing a complaint

Internal Affairs
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Headquarters)
400 S. Martin L. King Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
Statement of Complaint (PDF)

Citizen Review Board
330 S 3rd Street Ste. 670 (6th floor)
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Complaint Form

CRB Complaint Flowchart

2,027 of these complaints were from an external source (made by a citizen) and the remaining 394 cases were complaints that originated internally.
2018 IA Complaint Totals (PDF)

I filed a complaint in writing shortly after my arrest in September 2018. My complaint was dismissed by Internal Affairs (IA) about a month after filing. A Metro detective called me to explain that IA found nothing wrong with the officer’s conduct. A month and a half later, I filed the same complaint with the Citizen Review Board (CRB) and they made Internal Affairs take a second look.

Within a month of my complaint, the Citizen Review Board sent a letter notifying me that they received it. Four and a half months later, CRB sent a second letter with the outcome of their investigation.

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