The Resort Corridor Workgroup

The Resort Corridor Workgroup, established last year by commissioners and assembled by County Manager Don Burnette, met over several months to hammer out details of proposed Strip improvements that include a stronger police presence and a surveillance system. The group is composed of gaming industry and tourist executives and law enforcement representatives.

County orders study of Strip pedestrian congestion
Las Vegas Review-Journal
April 3, 2012

Agenda Item Development Report 3373
Date: March 27, 2012
Agenda Date: April 3, 2012

Resort Corridor Work Group – Meeting Notes
January 5, 2012

Doug opened the meeting at 1:07p

There should be 2 documents in front of you. These are the working documents provided by Alice. These are the documents we will be working on today.

Today we will be spending time on recommendations. These are all drafts at this point. There was a review of the front page of the resort corridor workgroup working documents. Don spoke of the past holiday weekend drive up the Las Vegas Strip.

Page 1, #2. A question was asked with regards to standards of lighting on the strip? Denis said that yes there is a certain standard. There is no way to assess the properties with regards to the amount of lighting they provide.

Page 2, #3. Public safety section was reviewed. “Is there a way to say that all people o the strip shouldn’t have weapons?” Make the bullet more generic, such as taking out the language of street performers. Make the bullet more specific, and less broad, but make sure the language should stay somewhat vague so that it could encompass more exotic animals such as rats and so forth.

Page 2, #4. The BCC has introduced and ordinance to eliminate animals on the strip. This ordinance specifically targets dogs with street performers and vagrants. Caesar’s is one of the resorts on the strip that is a pet friendly resort. Mary had the question if the animal was just sitting on the strip with a performer or vagrant, how would you enforce this ordinance? The BCC ordinance to be voted on is an all or nothing type ordinance banning all animals on the strip. There is an option that animals would be put into more of harms way on Friday night than would be during the day. Maybe the ordinance could include parameters that animals are only allowed on the strip during certain hours of the day and certain times of the week. Don/Randy will check with the BCC to get the ordinance amended and possibly hold the BCC vote until the issues can be worked out with the resort Corridor Group and the BCC.

Bottom of page 2, top of page 3. A question was asked “is there anyone who may want to get a commercial license for a kiosk on the strip? Mary believes that under State Law we are prohibited from licensing a kiosk. They would like to have an ordinance that state no one can engage in commercial activity on the sidewalks and bridges. This is an umbrella that is believed the 9th Circuit would allow to happen. This would help with the amount of water vendors on the strip. This would be something that may need exceptions for special events such as NYE. This should say no commercial property activity on the public right of way. This will include a table in front of the retail store.

Page 3, #2. Add additional signage. All for it.

Page 3, #3. Possible signage on the strip that addresses not paying street performers with tips or donations. Maybe have the County install signage that states Street Performers are only with tip and donations. The signs will not rid the strip of the street performers, but it may decrease the performer’s revenue. This is something that should be on the County website and possible post some signs on the strip. Generalize the recommendation and make it available on the website and allow the properties to put up signs is they choose. Possibly place signs on the bridges. Some of the resorts may be willing to post signs and place information in each guest room.

Page 4, #1. If a property of the strip would like to redevelop, they would be required to provide 85 feet of right of way. Some are on the strip already, but this could cause an issue with some resorts. This was recommended to hold until they can research more into this.

Night Court concept.

Cpt. Fassulo spoke to the concept that they would love to have a night court for the entire community not just the resort corridor. Metro feels this would benefit the entire County and this includesd the resort corridor. Metro thinks this would allow them to take some of these people off the strip and into a court immediately. Metro thinks that in time this could help eliminate the water vendors on the walkways/bridges in front of the resorts. This will help get a message out that this is an illegal offense. The illegal vendors would in time decrease. Mary stated that if we do civil penalties, they could have graduated fines. This could also include that if they don’t pay there fines, they could be prosecuted criminally. It was ask what type of volume would you see at the “Night Court”? Cpt. Fassulo would like to get more information from Philly as to how this would impact Las Vegas? This would also be a win for Las Vegas if we ever get a stadium. They are still concerned with cost and location of the night court. Metro does believe that a location further from the strip is better, but not too far. Mary suggested the use of the RJC at night. This is something that should still be discussed in detail further. LVCVA brought up that it is possible that some the Justice Court Judges may not know the resort people and let the offenders off easy, due to lack of political campaign funds. Mary suggested that it is possible that we get a judge pro tem and not an elected judge. The County may send some people back to get a better look at the Philly “Night Court” model.

Camera concept on the strip and the cost of the concept? This is only a recommendation. This is something that should be explored, but most tourist feel the cameras are already there and watching them. There was a concerned that many tourists on the strip may feel that they are being watched by “Big Brother” if the cameras were placed on the strip.

Page 4, #2. Possible changes to the existing sidewalks. The front of Treasure Island, the sidewalks was closed during the show, due to the amount of people watching the sinking ship show, but they did accommodate the pedestrians with a lower area of unobstructed walkway. This is something that each resort may work with the County to get more space on the sidewalk. Change bifurcate to clarify. Possible study that would look at the easements and properties and the recommendations and analysis. The County could do the project, but it would cost a large amount, but it would possibly change the look of your resort. The one at Treasure Island was paid for by Treasure Island and not the County and they did so with the min. access for the public to pass by. We will bring back a recommendation at the next meeting.

Page 4, #3. Zero obstructions on the bridge. No t-shirt or water sales. Revisit the designation of the “no obstruction zones” (white lines). This allows metro to enforce this ordinance. Possibly redesgin the “zones”.

Next meeting will be held at Howard Hughes in two weeks at Boyd Gaming on January 19th @ 1:00p.

Possibly wrap up the first meeting in February.

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