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In 2015, I had this ambitious idea to create an online resource for street performers in Las Vegas. By this time, I had been ticketed and/or arrested on many occasions while performing; and I wanted to help other performers navigate these issues.


Is it legal to street perform in Las Vegas? Do I need a license or permit? Where can I perform? Are the rules the same for Fremont Street and The Strip? Find answers on the rules page of this site. Click here

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this site does not constitute as legal advice. The statements made here are based on research, observation, and experience. Please see an attorney to gain clarity on your legal options to busk in Las Vegas.

Matthew Pretty aka "The Bucket Boy" / June 2019

Las Vegas Street Performers

Check out some of the amazing, spontaneous talent that has graced the sidewalks of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street.

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