Street perfomer sues Las Vegas Police (2023)

by Brandon Summers | March 10, 2023

Busker William Fleming sings and plays a tune on his guitar (January 2023)

Clark County government and Las Vegas police have essentially deemed any activity that doesn’t involve depositing money into a slot machine illegal. Despite years of litigation, LVMPD continues to ticket, harass, and arrest individuals who do nothing more than entertain the public. William began singing and playing guitar on the Las Vegas Strip since 2020. He was arrested by several police officers in January 2021.

William and his attorneys at Mcletchie Law filed a civil lawsuit in February 2023.

WILLIAM FLEMING, an individual, Plaintiff, v. LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT, a Municipal Corporation; OFFICER JAVON CHARLES, an individual; OFFICER TIMOTHY NYE, an individual; OFFICER GABRIEL LEA, an individual; OFFICER CODY GRAY, an individual; OFFICER SUPREET KAUR, as an individual; OFFICER HALEY ANDERSEN, as an individual; SERGEANT JOHN JOHNSON, as an individual; CAPTAIN DORI KOREN, as an individual; OFFICER RICHARD PALACIOS, as an individual; OFFICER PATRICK WHEARTY, as an individual; OFFICER WOOD, as an individual; DOE OFFICERS I – X, individuals. Defendants.

MCLETCHIE LAW Margaret A. McLetchie, Esq. Leo S. Wolpert, Esq. Attorneys for Plaintiff William Fleming MARQUIS AURBACH Craig R. Anderson, Esq. Attorneys for LVMPD Defendants

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