Security Guards

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

Fremont Street Security (May 2021)
Fremont Street Security (May 2021)

Las Vegas security guards are everywhere. Some are armed (e.g Allied Universal bus stop cops), but most are not. You will likely encounter them at some point as they patrol the private property they’re assigned to and the sidewalks adjacent to them. In a perfect world, they should leave you alone but that’s often not the case. When they do accost you, remain calm and let them do talking. Arguing with security guards is a fruitless endeavor. All you have to do is say “okay” and nod… or ignore them altogether.

Unlike police officers, security guards do not have arrest powers; but they possess the power to be aggravating and annoying. Don’t waste your precious time and the oxygen going back and forth with them. You’ll probably just get yourself riled up. They may gang up on you and use intimidation tactics to try to run you off; but don’t be discouraged. It will be lots of bark and no bite. They cannot trespass you as long as you’re on public property (though they might threaten to do so). They cannot touch you or your property.

Remain calm. Either stand your ground and wait for the cops to show up (or NOT show up [laughs]) or move along. It’s your call.

If you want to record a security guard interaction with your mobile device/cell phone, just be aware that they really don’t like it; and it could escalate the situation more. Some security guards wear bodycams and you should too. Bodycams may draw suspicions but will not be seen as hostile.

Fremont Street: If you’re on Fremont Street, you should be a bit more concerned. Legality aside, FSE security guards act as deputized quasi-police. While they have no arrest powers, they have Las Vegas City Marshalls (police) on speed dial; And they can be quite aggressive. No matter how much they violate your personal space, do not get into a verbal pissing match with them and DO NOT put your hands on them. Either leave or wait for the police to show up. I’ve heard stories of performers getting banned from the circles and/or Fremont Street itself.

Munir Griffin (@sax_man123) / December 28, 2017
Hip hop/R&B saxophonist Munir Griffin has his amplifier volume being measured by Fremont Experience Street (FSE) security guards. December 2017.
Fremont Street security guard gives street performer a notice of impending increased enforcement. (May 2021)