BuskLV Speaks to County Commissioners About Police Harassment

by Brandon Summers | July 22, 2021

“If I were to do what the [Las Vegas Youth Camerata Orchestra] was doing today on the strip, and staying stationary; I would probably get a ticket… and I’d probably land myself at CCDC [Clark County Detention Center] if I decided to not leave where I was standing and playing. And that’s happened to me several times. Unfortunately, I have a criminal record, no convictions. My criminal history goes back to 2011. That was the first time I was cited for obstruction of sidewalk. And that’s continued until 2018 in a situation in which my violin was impounded as evidence in retaliation for filming. I just think that this issue needs to be revisited at some point in time. There are problems with county code chapter 16 with its intent; but in terms of enforcement by Metro [Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department], they have gone to zero-tolerance; and as a tactic to dissuade people from performing, they have decided to start impounding their instruments and the tools of their trade to discourage them from performing.”

Protest Chalking
Protest chalking outside of the Clark County Government Center | July 20, 2021.

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