Fake Violinist Scams Vegas Vlogger

by Brandon Summers | November 15, 2021

Steven Campbell, Vegas vlogger and proprietor of Not Leaving Las Vegas, was taken advantage of on a Thursday night by a scammer doing his best impersonation of a skilled violinist. Convinced of the musician’s virtuosity, Steven posted a short video on YouTube and then shared it with me. Myself and others with musical knowledge notified Mr. Campbell, that this starving artist was indeed a scam artist.

Steven is not the first person to fall victim to this scheme as this ruse has been perpetrated across the United States by bands of gypsy scam artist “buskers”. They set up in parking lots of grocery stores, playing canned music performed by actual violinists, while syncing their motions to the music. They fly signs that pull on the heart strings of passerby.

“I need help to support my family
Food + Rent
“Homeless, anything helps. God Bless.”

Sadly, many of these fraudsters have gone viral, collecting tips from people unable to discern the real talent from imitation.

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