Back On The Boulevard

by Brandon Summers | March 21, 2022

Sunday is my day. There’s something about the vibe at the end of the week (technically the start of a new one) that is unique to itself. It’s a day of rest, and that’s the reason I like busking, watching a movie, calling friends, or doing dishes on Sunday versus other days of the week. Sunday, March 20, 2022 also marked two years since my dad passed away from health issues; so the day just felt special and I wanted to play music outside.

Off to the Las Vegas Strip I went! I was exhausted from a busy week traveling and performing, but I didn’t want to stay home and sit on the couch all day (though I probably should have). Once I parked, unloaded, and scouted a pitch, I settled for the pedestrian bridge that crosses over Harmon on the east side of Las Vegas Blvd. I turned on my bodycam, tuned my strings, dialed in the settings on my speaker and began playing. I hadn’t played my 5-string Krutz violin in a while, so it took some getting used to. It’s definitely my instrument of choice because of it’s deep, rich tone– and it didn’t disappoint despite the hiatus.

I believe I started playing just after 10 A.M. It was a beautiful day– slightly overcast, windy but still warm. The wind was kicking hard in gusts, but the glass panes of the bridge acted as a bubble. I was in the mood for more mellow music, so I gravitated toward R&B and pop ballads and used acoustic guitar backing tracks. Within ten minutes, I was in sync with my instrument and my surroundings. My impromptu performance was well-received by those who walked by me, but surprisingly no one was in the mood to chat. I didn’t work myself too hard and called it quits at twelve noon. My timing was impeccable as I saw a metro squad car pull into Planet Hollywood’s south-facing employee parking lot. Though I was ready to stand my ground in case of an encounter with law enforcement, that’s not what the day called for. That Sunday was about being free.

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