The Busking Project is giving away free stuff! (It’s legit)

by Brandon Summers | May 22, 2022

Who wouldn’t mind getting their hands on a FREE portable amp or looper pedal? Now here’s your chance to win some stuff by creating an account on Details below:

Dear friends,

Our giveaway is finally here!

This is an opportunity to ‘amp up’ (sorry) your busking pursuits by creating meaningful conversations and content on the world’s only community website dedicated to busking advocacy.

And for the next month, you get a chance to be the envy of your peers by winning a Cube Street II and some of the world’s best loop pedals!

All we ask is that you help us build a stronger and more useful community online.

Why do a prize giveaway for a community site? Because we happen to be competing with the world’s most addictive algorithms vying for your attention, so we’d like to kickstart this launch with a bang.Participate in our giveaway competition and win:

1st Prize – Cube Street II (worth approx. £300)
2nd Prize – RC-500 (worth approx. £280)
3rd prize – RC 5 (worth approx. £180)

How do you win?
Sign up to (<CLICK HERE) and create discussion threads that are valuable to the busking community.
Be creative, relevant to busking and start a conversation
It doesn’t matter how much you post but what you post.
An international consortium of advocates and activists will judge your entries and pick winners.

Winning posts will be chosen on a mixture of post interactions (likes / comments) and how valuable we feel your posts are to the wider busking community.

Last date to enter the competition is 16th June 2022.
Get started and have fun while you’re at it 🙂

The Busking Project
May 19, 2022

The Busking Project has been doing great work for years. You should definitely check them out!

The audiences at street shows are comprised of the entire cross-section of society— tourists, immigrants, commuters, homeless people, kids of all ages and everyone else.

Nick Broad, Busking Project

One thought on “The Busking Project is giving away free stuff! (It’s legit)

  1. As an international performer who used to be based in Vegas and also worked in Covent Garden London I have the following advice – don’t get involved with “the busking project” – seriously ask any Covent Garden Street Performer. An unwanted NGO who attach themselves to situations for self publicity.
    Thank you Terence Kerr

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