Electric Violin Shop hosts international panel of violin street performers

by Brandon Summers | June 4, 2022

On June 1, violinist Matt Bell of the Electric Violin Shop hosted a Facebook livestream with three violin buskers from different parts of the globe. The guests were Brigit O’Regan of Toronto, Canada, Brandon Summers of Las Vegas, Nevada and Bennet Cerven (The Trouble Notes) of Berlin, Germany.

You can watch the full 1-hour livestream on Facebook!

Here’s the Youtube recap:


Brandon Summers is a Las Vegas native, violinist, street performer, and advocate for spontaneous, unlicensed performance in public spaces. Summers has been busking for over ten years and has performed for Ciroc, Hudson Jeans, Netflix, JBL-Harman and many more. He is a graduate of Fort Valley State University where he majored in mathematics and holds BA in liberal studies.

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