‘The Busking Project’ is changing leadership

by Brandon Summers | July 5, 2022

Nick Broad, founder of The Busking Project is stepping down from his role as CEO by the end of next month. Before The Busking Project became the international platform it is today, it was a New York-centered blog about street performers in Manhattan. Eventually, Broad wanted to help performers globally and he set his sights on telling the stories of buskers outside the U.S. Today, The Busking Project has thousands of performers registered, supports cashless tips, and recently launched Busker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Broad emphasized that TBP will continue to operate, but with a different captain at the helm.

Here is a snippet of what Nick had to say in his own words:

I’m stepping down as CEO of The Busking Project on August 31st.

Nick here. First of all, don’t worry – the website will continue to work, and the company will continue to grow, and your profiles are safe.

My leaving just means that the organisation will be directed by someone else: Bryce Kothe.

Consider this (and my next few emails) an explanation, a walk down memory lane, and a quick look to the future…

why I’m leaving

I’m not exactly sure why I want to quit, but perhaps it’s simply a good time for me to go.

I’ve spent a long time in the world of street performers. In 2007 I uploaded my first (terrible) video of buskers to YouTube, and launched my first website. And for the last decade I’ve basically done very little other than focus on this company. It has been fascinating, rewarding and fun, but maybe it’s time to do something new with my life.

Or, maybe I’m leaving because the thrill has gone.

When Lily and I were building the company in 2014, there was an exciting amount of uncertainty! Our success hinged on the answer to four questions we had zero idea about:

1. Will buskers sign up to a busking-specific website?
2. Will street audiences trust peer-to-peer micropayments?
3. Can we stop cashless payments being the death of busking?
4. Can we build a sustainable & ethical company in this space?

Though I have never met Nick in the flesh, I wish him well on his next journey. The Busking Project has been a vital tool information, networking, and financial tool.


Brandon Summers is a Las Vegas native, violinist, street performer, and advocate for spontaneous, unlicensed performance in public spaces. Summers has been busking for over ten years and has performed for Ciroc, Hudson Jeans, Netflix, JBL-Harman and many more. He is a graduate of Fort Valley State University where he majored in mathematics and holds BA in liberal studies.

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